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Shadow of Rom big bug
In Shadow of Rome on PCSX2 5118 is these great bug on the sity first entry (In Attach).. Only skipdraw 200 will remove it.. But on next level in forest it will be to 300-400... This bug will appear in nightly stages of the game... Bug in shadows... (B191A8DA).00.rar.html

Here is the savegame in there bug appear...

[Image: attachment?aid=12820000000&name=rom.png&...6&inline=1]

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Does the game work with GSdx in software mode?
Also, thread moved, not a proper bug report.
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(05-24-2012, 03:40 PM)Bositman Wrote: Does the game work with GSdx in software mode?

Yes and in software mode the bug is disappear fully but speed is more slowly than on hardware mode...
Any ideas for this bug???
Use software mode.
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Hmm... Thanks, but these bug will be fixed in next versions of emulator???
Probably not, hardware mode will always be more buggy than software mode, it's normal
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Ок... But softwaremode is very slowly than hardware... 5-10 Fps of 100 in hardware...
Depends on your PC, I can get over 60 FPS in software mode with my CPU in most games.
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