Shadow of Rome no rendering
Hello, Im getting this weird issue where shadow of rome doesnt render the 3d portion of the game at Northern Arena battle V.
The Ui renders fine and the sound of the crowd happens, i still hear people throw weapons from the crowd, but i do not hear agrippa throw anything, nor do i hear enemies or hear footsteps or anything.
The UI still updates when i throw or drop weapons.

This occurs both in HW and SW mode and i really have no idea what else to try, have used the original dvd and an iso and both have this issue.

running a
7600k intel i7
8 gb ram
nvidia GTX560


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How much ghz processor u have, well use the latest svn build it may be help u and always use iso...
How u ripped u'r game ?
& u checked compatibility of game on official site ?
cpu is 3.40 ghz, shouldn't be an issue.
game is fully playable according to compatibility list
ripped using imgburn
Tell non-default settings u're using.
Are u using speedhacks or hw hacks ?

Tried software Mode (F9) in game ?
Which pcsx2 version ?
Any error in emulog ?

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