Shadow of destiny freezing in chapter 4
Hi guys,

I already searched this on the forum and googled this a dozen times but there doesnt seem to be, or at least I can't find, a solution to the frozen loading screen of SoD during chapter 4.

I wonder if there was any new insights.

I am running at the recommended 2x native res and using pcsx2 1.0.0.


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Not a solution, but related:

VirtuaPlayer (aka Alex) Wrote:Hi, I recently purchased this game to play on my ps3 & I'm really enjoying it so far. The problem I have is that when chapter 4 loads up it suddenly freezes the screen. All I can hear is some kind of rain sound effect but the screen is stuck on 'now loading'. This is rather frustrating as I am really getting into the game. I tried cleaning the disk & keep trying to load my save file but nothing works. Maybe its because I'm playing the game on a ps3 & it has some compatibilty issues? Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas would be greatful.

Regards, Alex.

Apparently the user above is having the same issue, but with his PS3.
Yeah I heard of this as well. But I've heard of some instances of this game working on the pscx2 emulator fine. Although how they managed it remains vague; seems people have had varied results and experiences.
Shadow Of Destiny Not On Pcsx2 Wiki

So this is not on pcsx2 wiki list
It'll not work & untested Wacko
Lol game not being at Wiki means nothing;p it's filled by fans, haven't got loads of games which do work fine since nobody's dedicated to fill it in.

It's marked playable from very long time, but that actually doesn't mean anything in this case either, as the game is marked playable after some testing to check for any game breaking stuff not always after passing whole game, if it happens in late part of the game, it can as well not be fully playable "from start to end"';].

But anyway pcsx2 has a bit more options than ps3 emulator, you might try stuff like "EE timing hack" in config>emulation settings>manual game fixes or even try running the game on interpreter through that game breaking moment. Interpreter is slow, but typically more accurate and might pass some problematic moments like that, just make note that you'll most likely have to use it with normal saves as the corrupted data which breaks the game might as well exist from much earlier than the scene that hangs.
U also try the latest svn build ....:-)
(06-27-2013, 10:18 AM)Yash the gamer Wrote: U also try the latest svn build ....:-)


YEs latest SVn build works Smile
(06-27-2013, 04:45 PM)Hsnake Wrote: LEMME MAKE LOVE TO YOU!

YEs latest SVn build works Smile

haha how u make Love to him ?
are u gay ?
uhmm sorry enjoy u'r game Biggrin
(06-27-2013, 04:45 PM)Hsnake Wrote: LEMME MAKE LOVE TO YOU!

YEs latest SVn build works Smile

glad its help...enjoy ur game..
I loved this game back then, a real gem in story telling.
Would like to know what made it work on the SVN though.

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