Shadow of the Colossus
Hey all, I know this has been done to death since this game is so popular, but the threads always fizzle out without anything conclusive being said.

Basically, I'm trying to get SotC to run as consistently as possible. I don't want 60 FPS, I want a framerate that is consistent enough to be playable and enjoyable. I've got a [email protected], GTX460 (2gb), and PCSx 0.9.8.

From my reading, I've found that the game does not like EE speedhacks, DOES like VU stealing, and doesn't like mVU hacks. I've also set my framerate to 120%. This results in a mostly smooth experience at 3x scaling, but it can really be better. I suspect I have some leeway to tinker with the frame skipping to even it out, but that section of the new PCSX2 is confusing. Turbo adjust? Slow-mo adjust? What should these values be?

Anyone have any general advice for emulating this classic as smoothly as possible?

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Frame skipping is often glitchy and it'll not really smooth anything. At most it'll increase speed making it more "choppy" and I guess it helps also mainly when you're GPU limited. VU cycle stealing was if my knowledge doesn't suck based on SotC itself soo using it in this game gives you best "frame skipping" possibleTongue. The game itself needs it even on powerfull systems, but the more Vu cycle stealing you use, the more choppy animation goes, soo other than trying to set this speedhack as lowest as you can to get reasonable speed, there is nothing much you can do to smooth the animation(other than upgrading/OC cpu, through it's said SotC wasn't really a king of smooth animation on PS2 itself eitherTongue).
Is there no way to cap the framerate at 30fps or something in PCSX2? Honestly the biggest help so far has been setting the framerate to 120%, since I can usually get everything to run smoothly just at super-slow-mo speeds.
Well 30 fps is easy to acquire. Just press Shift+Tab and you'll turn slow-motion which is by default set as 50% of full fps which if you're having 60 as full, will be 30 fps;P. You can change turbo(TAB)/slowmo(Shift+TAB) values in GS window settings and then just switch it while playing. Through I bet this game will be awfully easy on 30fps, like probably all action games.;O

Edit: Oh and if you didn't get that yet actual speed of the game in PCSX2 depends on fps. If you make it run faster as you had with 120% speed it'll smooth animation visually a bit, but actually it'll just run faster. If you slow down the game you could use less VU cycle stealing to reach that slowmo limit and animation will actually be smoother, but also gameplay will be slow, soo I'm dunno if you really can get it perfect here.

If you really wish to play this "classic" smooth and nicely, maybe this thread will interest youTongue, playing ps3 release seems to be currently best choice for smooth animation and enjoyable graphics(if you own ps3 that is).

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