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Shadow of the Colossus !!!
this is super old thread..

yeah, i know i'm not a moderator to say this...

come on, it doesn't hurt

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ok,I have opened a new one Smile
already posted there
Hi dudes and hi Eliot, I have a question, i only defeat 1st colossus and im starting to think that this game is purely Awesome, but i have sume issues and questions to be asked:
1. Eliot, i watched video with your fix on YouTube, You says that this fix since some version is alrdy integrated but im using latest beta build from here and the really bright sky are still there... i dont know am i like it or not.. can i use your fix on the latest beta?
2. Main Question. As u recommended i was trying to use VU Cycle Stealing 1 or 2. Yes iv got near constant 60fps with it, but its not smooth. At all. In the temple when u tryin to watch in the direction of the senseless body of your girl (or direction of the temple when u out of it) and run side to sides it runs pretty glitchy, i mean it feels like PC game running at around 20Fps, not catastrophic, but hellish annoying. After a bit of experimenting i found that, if i turn VY Cycle to 0 and EE Cyclerate to 2 + all recommended +MTVU (iv got 4 core i5 3.1GHz, and, by the way, Radeon HD 6950 2Gb, 4Gb RAM) , i will get the game running in temple smooooooooth as silk with 57-60fps (almost :3), but after a while a disappointment was waiting for me. I ride away a bit on my purely awesome horse and noticed that during the game i have absolutly unexpected drops of FPS from 60 to near 40 just times to times for, like 2 to 10 seconds. Dam, i want to play this game, i want to Feel this game, and i want to do it smooth. Hope to get a wise advise from you. =)

P.S. oh ye, using Dx11 GsDx with 3x scaling and Half-pixel offset hack.
I didn't really checked, but "fix" for bloom/bright sky is probably hidden under "Agressive-CRC" now(in GSdx config, enable hardware hacks, press config and check Agressive CRC).

SotC IS called one of the heaviest games on pcsx2 for a reason;P. Using speedhacks you get it running faster, sure, but actually you kill the real fps even more and this game isn't even smooth when playing on the PS2 to begin with(meaning even if you could double your cpu clocks and possibly reach full speed without any of the slider speedhacks always, real fps would still drop at heavier scenes). Only way to play this game smoothly is getting a PS3 version(unless it lags there too, don't have - can't tell for sure).
The PS3 version runs smooth and looks great, I definitely recommend it if you have the console.
regarding the black borders that may occur when you play the game: I got rid of them with setting the native resolution to 1347x1070.
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