Shadow of the Colossus
I thought this game was supposed run well. Im getting ~25 fps using a:

Also, is there a driver version best suited for pcsx2? Im on 9.3 now.
I tried the speed hack but it had little effect

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This game is not supposed to run well. Through trial and error it can be made to run acceptably: with a core i7@4ghz, I can run it without timestretching and without skipping audio -- PCSX2 calls this 60 fps. The game has a built-in frameskipper, so you are not necessarily getting what PCSX2 is reporting.

Try: GSdx 0.1.14 at an internal resolution of 1440x900 (assuming you're playing 16:9). If you lower the internal resolution, you intensify the sunlight-washout effect (you'll understand what I mean once you experience it). If you can't handle a high enough internal resolution to diminish the sunlight-washout effect, GSdx 0.1.4 performs worse than 0.1.14 but isn't as severely affected by sunlight-washout (thus can go to lower resolutions). GSdx10 0.1.4 is entirely unaffected, and thus can be played at 'native' (for highest performance/lowest resolution).

In-game, enable progressive scan (at most, +10 fps).

Here are the non-graphic-plugin PCSX2 settings I'm using:

Cpu Config:
All checked
Limit (Frame/VU skip causes problems for me)

Speed Hacks:
All checked (except Escape Hack)
x3 Cycle Rate

All checked
Both round mode: Chop/Zero
Both clamp mode: None
in my case it runs at about 30FPS at slow points and 60FPS with a Q9550 @ 3.6GHz + GTX260 with no Speed Hacks. This is the most demanding CPU Game that I've tested on PSX2 by the way try to use SSPSX gamepad plugin, using lylis or lypis (don't remember exactly) gamepad plugin has a slower framerate.
x3 speedhack help alot.
My Config was same as Goetter

with my [email protected] + 9600GT on Windows 7 64bit. Run 60fps with some slowdown.

Just finish the game last night. Really love this game

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