Shadow of the Colossus
For some reason I can play many other games on this emulator but when I try to play Shadow of the Colossus (even at lowest settings) I get like 3 Frames. Anyone understand this? I can't cause I can run every other game just fine.

System Specs-
GeForce 8400 GS, Shader Model 4.0, Direct X 10, 1GB of MEM
Windows Vista Ultimate 32 BIT
Duel Core AMD 5200+, 2.7 GHz
2 GB 1066 DDR2 Ram
Realtek HD Sound

Any help please would help because I love this game a lot. I'm new here bu the way so any help possible can be greatly appreciated.

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Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most demanding games. I can barely get it to run full speed on my PC, and it's more suited for PS2 emulation than yours =/

The only way I get full speed is to use VU cycle stealing, which is available on the latest PCSX2 beta.
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The game needs a very fast CPU and GPU. Your main problem is that 8400GS, although even the best cards barely are fast enough Tongue2

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