Shadow of the Colossus 25-30 FPS on a High end New Machine
I dont think I've got PCSX2 Set up correctly for SotC.

I can Run KH2 Fine.
DBZ BT3 Fine, Except for the damn flickering bug..

But SotC doesn't want to run at anymore than about 20-25 FPS if Im lucky.

The Main problem seems to be the blur effect o.o I think that's what's causing the slow down.

Anyone got some tips for making the game run a little better?

Atm Im using PCSX2 0.9.6, , GSdx 890 SEE41 0.1.14, Dx10 3d Hardware, Nloop hack and texture filtering on.

Everything else is standard, not using any speed hacks or anything, havn't needed them so far as my pc has killed any game and hasn't needed them lol. Rolleyes

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I'm playing the game around 40-60FPS however I can't pass the 4th colossus... it doesn't look down into the holes just walks away to the cliffs and stays there...
Try to use speedhacks and native resolution. That should increase your speed.
that fixed it. ty bro
Sure you're welcome Wink. Let me know if you have the same issue by the 4th colossus please :s. I can't do anything with that Laugh.

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