Shadow of the Colossus Black Borders Issue (HalfPixel Offset Doesn't Work?)
I've been trying to run Shadow of the Colussus here on PCSX2 1.2.1. I'm using the 3X upscaled resolution setting with the r5875 GSdx renderer. I've been looking around, and these black border problems have been claimed to be solved by enabling Half-Pixel Offset. I enabled this (Both checked in the settings and the value changed to 1 in the .ini), and it does nothing to fix the issue.

(The issue)
(It's also noteworthy that the black bars reduce when outside of the main temple)

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[Image: 90B0D6D3-A7B7-7FC6-9FC2-C119CBE0E2B5.jpg]
I'm fine with the picture (Shadow of the Colossus)
I think I just forget to check the Enable HW hacks button LOL

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