Shadow of the Colossus Sound Issue
Alright, first the basics, here are my specs and current PCSX2 settings.

PC Specs:

Windows 7 Professional x64
3.2 ghz intel i7 Processor
2x ATI Radeon HD 6870's
8 GB Ram

PCSX2 Settings:

vers 1.0.0 (Latest, downloaded today)
Default plugins with changes to GSdx9
Renderer Direct3D9 (Hardware)
No Interlacing
4x Native Scaling
Texture filtering, logarithmic Z and Alpha correction ticked
4 rendering threads and Edge AA

I have tried so many varieties of settings on the sounds it's not even worth listing them, but I've only tried different versions of the SPU2 plugin, I haven't ventured further than that due to a lack of being able to find other reliable options.

The opening screen with the hawk works fine, sound is great, then as soon as I get to the main screen where it fades white for a moment the sound is terrible, it sounds like some kind of torture version of the sound you hear in the twilight world of Twilight princess when enemies get nearby. I've been working on fixing it for about 6 hours with no progress, help please.

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Never mind, of course I'd solve it just after I post this. I disabled my sound card and ran off of integrated and it's working fine now.

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