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Shadow of the Colossus Ultrawide
Are you using the GSDx video plugin? I also get the messages you're missing in your console window. This is how it looks for me without and then with the patch:

I'm still interested in the best settings for actually running the game, since the ones I've found makes it to feel very unsmooth even if the game window claims to be 60 fps.

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Yes Im using GSDx. It turns out the hack is working but it is a little off for me. Comparison below. 

Dopefish it looks like yours is a little off also.

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Oh, you're right! I haven't played with it yet, so I only saw the difference and thought it was working. That's a bummer and UWMR doesn't seem very active here so no idea if he'll come back and look into it either Sad

Maybe RhinoKneel would be able to update the hack for us?
This seems to be a corrected patch for ultrawide:

Found it here:
(08-07-2017, 02:24 PM)Dopefish Wrote: This seems to be a corrected patch for ultrawide:

Found it here:

I'm actually not sure why you guys are getting different results with my patch. I tried the other patch you found and it makes the image all squished together for me. That indicates that its for an even wider ratio.

The memory address responsible for aspect ratio is 2128A1E4. For my game, when I set it to 4:3 from inside the game's menu, the float value for that address is 0.75. When I set it to 16:9 through the in game menu, the float value is 1. So with some basic math, 21:9 should have a float value of 1.3125 which indeed works for me. I've tried this on two different builds of pcsx2 1.5.0 dev 2090 and 2117. The pnach from your link changes that value to 1.7948. Which means your values for this address when it's at 4:3 and 16:9 are different from mine. I'm not sure why. Either way, there are now two pnaches on this thread and users are free to try both to get the correct results.

Also just as something you can try if you feel adventurous, 2128A1EC seems to change FoV. Changing it introduces graphical glitches though, so it's just for fun if you'd like to try.

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