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Shadow of the Colossus motion blur
Any hack to get rid of it somehow, or something?

It looks really bad...and it makes the game look like it's @ 15FPs sometimes. I realize even on the PS2 it can't keep full frame-rate, but...ehhh.

Performance is iffy to, VU Cycling is supposed to help, and does, at about 2 it reports 60FPS...however the game just feels like it's in slow mo at times. I don't seem to remember it like this on my PS2 for this game.

I tried Skipdraw, didn't seem to do much. GPU usage is pretty up there, guess I can reduce that...

But anyway to fix it feeling like it's 15FP? I realize the game itself is played @ 30FPS, but this doesn't even feel that smooth. I also realize changing certain speed hacks can report false FPS values, but it was my understanding that VU Cycle hack was a known fix for the slowdowns in it.

What would be recommended to get the game smooth? I was watching my friend play the PS3 version, which is laughably called "HD Remastered" and it seemed alot smoother than this, despite having the same 30FPS limit.

Hard to describe but when I rotate the camera a full 360 degrees, everything seems like it's slow motion, despite it remaining 60FPS at the top and never going under.

I really hope you guys develop that hack you were talking about, to Overclock the EmotionEngine, and get rid of slowdowns, of course it'll make requirements more severe, but be worth it.
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sotc and a couple of other games process alot of those special screen fx on the vu. this where the emulator has to download the sh!t form the graphics card and process it in software. which makes it kinda slow on emulation. I'd wonder if there'll ever be a fix for that speed issues on that. ysuk.
The blur is there to make the slow framerate bearable.
The thing is that this game is really that slow on a real PS2:

Now add to that the usual small timing issues with emulation,
maybe the somewhat odd GSdx blending, and you get our current PCSX2 result..

It would work better on say, a 8Ghz Core I7 and no speedhacks Wink
I know it's slow on a real PS2, lol...but I dunno, just looks different. Ah well, guess I'll wait, or just buy the PS3 version, didn't want to, as it's grossly overpriced right now for what it is...wait till it's like 4.99$.

PS3 version is only 720p, no AA or anything, but it plays right at least.
Core i5 2500K @ 4.5GHZ, 8GB RAM 1866MHZ, AORUS 1080 Ti, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD + 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD +  2 1TB HDDs.) Windows 7 64-bit Professional
I played the PS3 version and it felt great.
This is certainly your best option right now to enjoy this game Smile
lol, the video was cut twice just before the part with the most extreme fillrate, it's after the colossus dies and something similar to the highlander happens.

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