Shadow of the Colossus texture glitch
While playing SotC, here and there (mostly on rocks) i see some texture glitch - texture is washed out in a distance, but more close im to the rock, texture become more hi-res. Its ok, but i see "waves" while texture changing from low to hi-res version. Also, sometimes, this happens in places where fog must be.

Here is video showing what i telling about (16s and 45s):

I understand its common for games to do such thing, but for SotC - it is possible to remove or lower visibility of this texture changing effect?
I tried to use different hack and options combination - nothing help. Only thing that have effect is Alpha hack, but "wave" become more visible. May be some offset or skipdraw hacks will help?

PCSX2 1.2.1.r5873 - compiled on Feb 3 2014
EE/IOP, VUs: Round mode: Nearest, Clamping mode: None
GS Window: Aspect Ratio: Fit to Window/Screen, Zoom: 102.6% (to remove flickering borders)
Speedhacks: EE Cyclerate: 3, VU Cycle Stealing: 0
GSdx AVX2 0.1.16 (gsdx32-avx2-r5875): D3D 11 Hardware, Interlacing: None, Scaling: 3x Native, Enable FXAA: Checked, Texture Filtering: Grayed, Hacks: Half-Pixel Offset, Sprite, Aggressive-CRC, Alpha Stencil.
All other are default.

PC spec:
Window7 x64, i3-4130 3.40GHz, 8Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2Gb

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what about software mode ?
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(05-14-2015, 06:45 AM)ssakash Wrote: what about software mode ?

Tried both Dx9 and Dx11 software - same thing -.-

Just interesting - its only my problem or same "waves" have all other players?
hook up your real ps2 to an HD TV and see if you get the same issue.
I think that's how the game is made.
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Yeah, i'm fairly certain that's just the texture pop-in that you get with your draw distance and not a PCSX2 issue.

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