Shadow of the colossus: How to play time attack after ending?
I'm running Shadow of the colossus on PCSX2 w/o any problem and have finished this game yesterday. There's no memory slot so the game did not save my progress, all I did was use the save state slot to save my progress manually. Now after ending, the game just brings me to the title with Hard mode unlocked.

So is there a way to continue my last game after ending and play the time attack modes? If so, then how do I continue? I have that save slot with the last cutscene.

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You have to load a completed save file. If you didn't save to memory card after beating the game, but still have a savestate from before that, reload and complete it again and save properly this time. As a general rule, never rely on savestates alone, you're just setting yourself up for potential trouble.

Once you've done that, you simply load that save (it will indicate it's a NG+ save with a 2 next to it) and can then start Time Attack once you're in the central shrine by kneeling before the colossus idol you want to engage.
Also note that for hard mode Time Attack, you will have to start a new game on hard mode and complete that one.

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