Shadow of the colossus and pcsx2 question
Hi guys.

I just downloaded and configured the program while reading the configuration guide. After that i decided to try playing Shadow of the colossus, which was the reason for trying this out in the first place, but now i have a problem.
The game starts and everything is fine except that my ingame FPS is 5. Goes to more on loading screens and such, but 5 all the time ingame.

What i'm wondering right now is if there is any way for me to make this work on normal FPS or if i should just stop trying?

I'm trying it on my laptop. Pentium Dual-Core T4200, 4 GB of RAM and an Nvidia Geforce G102M

Thanks for any assistance.

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The T4200 is not a very fast processor : not many cache and a bit low on the clock frequency (2GHz only).
I assume your GPU seems very weak : on my previous laptop I had a 8600M GT which is I think barely enough for some games (let's say it is my reference point), and the G102M scores half as much on Passmark tests (I couldn't find other benchmarks). Even with your CPU, I believe you'll often be GPU limited.
I never tried SOTC on PCSX2 but I believe it is a rather demanding game, one more factor which could explain you get a FPS score THAT low. You could try speedhacks, but with that weak a rig I wouldn't bother.

edit : oh, right, forgot to ask if he was using software rendering in the first place...that can make a big difference - I'm still pessimistic though Tongue2
Set clamping mode to 'None' for both EE and VU, check recommended speed hacks, use EE cycle rate of 2 and VU cycle rate of 1 or 2. Assuming you're using windows, set GSdx to hardware mode, check native resolution.

That'd be around the fastest you could get, which might not be much...
With these changes i get around 15-20 FPS in the starting area. Which falls to 12 as soon as i'm out of the temple. Unplayable so i didn't try to get to the first colossus.

Looks like i'll have to get a better PC if i'll want to play this again. Sad

Thanks for the help anyways, guys.

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