Shadow of the colossus intro skip?
Hey guys,

Im trying to play shadow of the colossus but the intro is a bit laggy. i read thats a common problem. I get 20 fps with the intro.
The weird thing is, i cant seem to get past the intro, i tried all the buttons (start,x ect. ect.) but i cant skip it. Any idea how?

My info:
amd athlon x2 4400+(2.28 ghz), 2 GB corsair, 8600GT (512 mb DDR3).
Can i play this game smoothly?

Im using 0.9.6, SS2 Gsdx windowed, DX10 hardware, aspect ratio is none, aspect ratio 4:3, native, only texture filtering selected.

default cycle rate.

So can anyone help me with this problem?

Thnx in advance

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You must use x3 cycle rate to run the game smoothly.
(05-23-2009, 12:10 AM)SFisher Wrote: You must use x3 cycle rate to run the game smoothly.

got it!
I get 45 fps, its decent but its not playable with the keyboard! You must have a controller to play it nicely!
I played through the entire game with keyboard just fine, maybe I just have more experience using a keyboard.
Also, you should update to the latest PCSX2 beta so you can use the VU Cycle Stealing speed hack, it works well with SotC.
That's very strange, I've always been able to skip the intro movie by just hitting start...
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