Shadow of the colossus setup
HI everyone! 
i wish i really can find a configuration in order to play shadow of the colossus on pcsx2 having:
8GB ram.

i really tried lots of configuration but the best thing i got was a 20 laggy fps and now i restore everything back to default. 
Now i'm thinking two things: i do not know nothing about setting the configurations on pcsx2 or my pc hardware setup is not good enough for the emulation of this game.
help me please  Blush

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Your CPU could be struggling a bit, however the game can run quite slow anyway.

The only things you can try are these in the Speedhacks tab:

Try setting the VU Cycle Stealing up a notch or two, this will improve FPS but may make it look a little choppy.
Try the MTVU setting on and off, some people report it to be faster, others report slowdown, so see which works best for you Smile
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That cpu is 1500ish stp.  SoC requires something closer to 2100.. my 3770 is just a hair above 2100 stp, and I cant get it to maintain 55 fps without speedhacks..
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