Shadow the Hedgehog voice issue
So i made a ISO of a PAL copy of Shadow the Hedgehog but for whatever reason the voices are in Japanese despite it being a PAL copy and the same for the text until the options data is loaded any ideas? also i'm running the game on PCSX2 version 1.4.0

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Please post the contents of the emulog.txt file after the problem occurs. The file can be found in "My Documents\PCSX2\logs" for the installer version or in "PCSX2\logs" for the portable/binary version.

Please make sure to enclose your emulog in code tags like so (remove the empty space on the closing code tag!):
Pasted emulog goes here
[ /code]
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
All of the file? or just highlight the part that was made for the game itself?
Run the game by using Full boot not Fast
Here's the part of the log for the game and vsub i just tried the full option and there's no difference

PCSX2 1.4.0-20160105132032- compiled on Jan  5 2016
Savestate version: 0x9a0b0000

Host Machine Init:
Operating System =  Microsoft Windows 7  Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
Physical RAM     =  16299 MB
CPU name         =  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
Vendor/Model     =  GenuineIntel (stepping 03)
CPU speed        =  4.006 ghz (8 logical threads)
x86PType         =  Standard OEM
x86Flags         =  bfebfbff 7ffafbbf
x86EFlags        =  2c100000

x86 Features Detected:
SSE2.. SSE3.. SSSE3.. SSE4.1.. SSE4.2.. AVX.. AVX2.. FMA

Reserving memory for recompilers...

Loading plugins...
Binding   GS: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\gsdx32-avx.dll
Windows 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1 1.0)
Binding  PAD: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\lilypad.dll
Binding SPU2: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\spu2-x.dll
Binding CDVD: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\cdvdGigaherz.dll
Binding  USB: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\USBnull.dll
Binding   FW: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\FWnull.dll
Binding DEV9: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins\DEV9null.dll
Plugins loaded successfully.

(GameDB) 9693 games on record (loaded in 116ms)
HLE Notice: ELF does not have a path.

Initializing plugins...
Init GS
Windows 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1 1.0)
Init PAD
Init SPU2
Init USB
Init FW
Init DEV9
Plugins initialized successfully.

Opening plugins...
Opening GS
Opening PAD
Opening SPU2
Current Renderer: Direct3D11 (Hardware mode)
Opening CDVD
isoFile open ok: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Roms\Shadow the Hedgehog EU.iso
Image type  = DVD
* CDVD Disk Open: DVD, Single layer or unknown:
* * Track 1: Data (Mode 1) (1054224 sectors)
Opening USB
Opening FW
Opening DEV9
McdSlot 0 [File]: E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\memcards\Miracle Link Memory Card 64MB (1).ps2
McdSlot 1 [File]: [is not memcard file]
Plugins opened successfully.
EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
Bios Found: Europe  v01.60(04/10/2001)  Console
BIOS rom1 module not found, skipping...
BIOS rom2 module not found, skipping...
BIOS erom module not found, skipping...
(UpdateVSyncRate) Mode Changed to NTSC.
(UpdateVSyncRate) FPS Limit Changed : 59.94 fps
# Initialize memory (rev:3.63, ctm:392Mhz, cpuclk:294Mhz detected)

PlayStation 2 ======== Hard reset boot
ROMGEN=2001-1004, IOP info (CPUID=1f, CACH_CONFIG=0, 2MB, IOP mode)
# Total accessable memory size: 32 MB (B:2:8:0) (363:2:7c30)
# TLB spad=0 kernel=1:12 default=13:30 extended=31:38
# Initialize Start.
# Initialize GS ...
# Initialize INTC ...
# Initialize TIMER ...
# Initialize DMAC ...
# Initialize VU1 ...
# Initialize VIF1 ...
# Initialize GIF ...
# Initialize VU0 ...
# Initialize VIF0 ...
# Initialize IPU ...
# Initialize FPU ...
# Initialize User Memory ...
# Initialize Scratch Pad ...
# Initialize Done.

EE DECI2 Manager version 0.06 Jul  4 2001 16:03:45
 CPUID=2e20, BoardID=0, ROMGEN=2001-1004, 32M

(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLES_535.42;1
(SYSTEM.CNF) Software version = 1.01
(SYSTEM.CNF) Disc region type = PAL
ELF (cdrom0:\SLES_535.42;1) Game CRC = 0x7B94480C, EntryPoint = 0x00100008
(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLES_535.42;1
(SYSTEM.CNF) Software version = 1.01
(SYSTEM.CNF) Disc region type = PAL

IOP Realtime Kernel Ver.0.9.1
   Copyright 1999 (C) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Reboot service module.(99/11/10)
cdvd driver module version 0.1.1 (C)SCEI
Load File service.(99/11/05)
Multi Threaded Fileio module.(99/11/15)
iop heap service (99/11/03)
loadelf: fname cdrom0:¥SLES_535.42;1 secname all
loadelf version 3.30
Input ELF format filename = cdrom0:¥SLES_535.42;1
0 00100000 008fbd80
Are you sure full boot doesn't work? I just checked our compatibility list for the US version (as we haven't tested the EU version) and it says

#Initiative Jap Language @ loading the save-game. Fixed by: Full reboot
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I tried it before yeah after vsub suggested it i can try digging out the physical disc and seeing if that makes a difference if you like just keep in mind due to treatment i had the other day i've got to be careful so might take some time

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