Shadowman 2 Second Coming
1. Cutscenes freeze in place while still playing audio.
2. Graphics impose over each other as well as missing textures.
3. Gameplay is slow.
4. Audio is scratchy and incoherent.

Tip: If you can't be bothered to develop this software properly, don't bother to release it to the public and then burden them with mass configurations that don't work.

Conclusion: Another cowboy program bites the dust.


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Lmao. Let me get this straight. You complain about a free program that does the extremely complex task of emulating the PS2 (which no other program exists for) because it doesn't work with a single game you tried?
And after that you come bashing it at the forums which also provide support for free?
Pro Tip: Check the compatibility list first:

[Image: newsig.jpg]
Congratulations, worriedme! You've just been awarded the Mostly Official title of "A-hole of the Week."

Pro Tip #2: This software is explicitly labeled beta in like a million places, and has cautiously used "0." versioning (ie, 0.9.4, etc) to denote that it is still in early development cycles. A smart person would take the hint and realize that it's probably going to be a bumpy ride to use the software.

Finally: PCSX2 depends on helpful and constructive input from hundreds of users monthly to improve emulation support, since most of us only own relatively few games that we can use for testing. Or maybe you'd like to be constructive yourself and help us buy lots of games and PC hardware, so we can have more direct hands-on testing for both emulation accuracy and PC CPU/GPU hardware support. But somehow I doubt that very much.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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