Shadows of rome
So i finally got the controller working for shadows of rome, Now after the very first chapter my frames drop to 13 and everything turns white and distorted, so does the sound. Anyone know how to fix it? im running a Intel core 2 quad at 2.4ghz, 4 gigs of ram and tons of free space, also i have a higher end nivida card and a windows 7 64 bit OS. thank you.
EDIT: ive now tryed software mode and i can see now, but the frames drop to about 10, at least i can see ***** now. Im using the Direct3d9 hardware mode with resoultion at 1280x720 i have all hardware mode settings selected. Thats my gs settings during the problems.

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Humor me, and please post the model of that nVidia card.

Sometimes software rendering is the only way a game (or certain part of one) can run clean, or close to it. The speed of emulation directly relates to your processor. More clock cycles usually helps the most, but you can also set the SW threads to use 3 for a little help.

Why are you just using DirectX9...? Blink
Isn't your GPU capable of 10, or even 11...?

And what are "all hardware mode settings"?
Perhaps you should just post screen-shots of all the PCSX2 settings you've changed from default...

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