Shepherd's crossing graphic issues?
Hello fellow PCSX2 users, I will be honest I am in no way an expert in emulators. However a few months ago i had to replace my computer and got the same exact laptop.

However now that i have re downloaded Shepherd's Crossing and PCSX2 i tried to run shepherds crossing but this time there seems to be an issue with the graphics. during game play there are two lines going side to side and in between these lines the brightness changes dramatically to the point where there is quite a bit of the game that you can not see it gets so dark. I am currently using the preset option in settings and i have it set to "1 safest".

Below I have attached a copy of the log but i tried to attach a screen shot of the game but i got an error saying the file was too big. please if anybody knows what the issue might be and how to fix it I would truly appreciate it. Also i see that people have been able to upload screenies, if anybody needs to see the screen shot to be able to help further just tell me what format i can use to upload screenies and i will do so.

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Thread reopened after the OP proved his game to be legit
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Please upload screenshot of the issue to imgur or another imghoster and link in your post to it.

Is the problem resolved by software renderer (F9)?
Check 'native' in GSdx.
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Suppose I'll add it to known issues on that page to make it a bit more apparent.
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Thank you all, the settings were already set to the regular native. I tried F9 and it worked Smile

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