Shift+F8 does not save .obj files
I was looking for tutorials on ripping 3D models from games. Several I came across used 3D Ripper DX; unfortunately it doesn't work for GS plugins on my computer (though it works perfectly fine on Dolphin...)

Anyways, a couple other tutorials suggested I use PCSX2's built-in snapshot to dump the scene into a .obj file (Shift+F8), which was perfect for me. However, after I did so and checked the snaps folder, it only seemed to save the .gs and .bmp files, with no .obj, which is the only thing I actually wanted.

Was this a feature taken out of newer versions of PCSX2? Actually, let me go test that out right now.

Derp. Never mind. Yes, this looks like it was taken out. Works just fine in 0.9.8.

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