Shin Megami Nocturne: low FPS
After completing the 2nd amala network, my pcsx went wild. Now from the startup menu to the in-games, its running at extremely low fps currently 15-22 fps. I have no idea why it happened because i had played peacefully before that. Really need some help guys
My specs: GDsx/512x448/Weave tff/Interlaced(Lame)/Limiter:None/16.30 fps/EE: 96%/GS: 22%/UI: 0%/State 0%
PCSX2 0.9.8
AMD 630 x4
4 gigs


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(10-26-2011, 05:48 PM)Earsonic Wrote: 16.30 fps/EE: 96%

Looks perhaps like a CPU bottleneck.

Try Speedhacks, if you can't OC.
i've tried speed hack, but it didnt work. I removed the emulation and installed a new one, but the problem still occured!!! somebody help me plz....
nobody can help you

your system is not up to it.
you meant my computer couldnt be able to handle the emulation?
i had played it with no problem before that issue came all out of a sudden. I just dont get it
was this before or after the cpu load of recent display drivers became too much for amd processors?
seriously, go back to older drivers before 10.5

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