Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army
Hey mates, I have this odd problem with the game that it doesn't play any sound effects. Music plays just fine but there aren't any sound effects at all.

I already tried every combination of the SPU2 plugin configuration and I tried to google it like I do with most of the problems I get. But it looks like no one has ever had this problem with the game. I tried another game (Kingdom Hearts 2 FM) and all sounds play perfectly fine.

Here's my specs and configuration:

[Image: m97kee.png][/img]

[Image: 142wtn4.png]

[Image: 67my2r.png]

[Image: 34sknx3.png]

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Try disabling mtvu, and change the synchronising mode.
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Yeah that didn't change anything. I already tried re-ripping the game from the disk and that didn't fix the problem. MTVU made no change and tried Timestretch since that was the only other one besides no sound, but no dice.
Can you please post the full emulog after the problem appeared?

What happens if you disable all speedhacks?
I'm playing this title right now (NTSC version) and it runs without problems in pcsx 1.2.1, I would suggest you using this version and dx9 mode though.
Dx 11 seems to be giving graphical bugs where the sky section in pre rendered background is white all over the horizon of screen, dx9 works flawless and is fast (even with turned on vsync I get constant 60fps on pentium g3420).

As for your problem, it might be related to bad iso imho, try latest stable build (1.2.1) first.
Alright. So I tried the dx9 mode and it got the sound effects to play. Not entirely sure how it affects the sound since I thought it was entirely video but hey, I won't complain. The FPS is a stable 59-60 and all the sounds are playing normally. Cheers belmont!
Glad I could be of service, have fun playing this great game, highly recommended title Smile

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