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Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 1-2 Slowdown
(09-09-2011, 04:54 PM)jackmaldow Wrote: 1.We said that the heavier, faster games run slower than the other ones, like mgs3 and GoW. But, if it would really be about that, I think 10.000 Bullets would run way slower on my pc. But it works perfect, on full speed. What is the main reason actually?

What makes you say that one is a heavy game compared to those others?
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on DX10 (I don't know your PC specs because you don't have them listed) with a 2.2 dual core I am getting about 50-55 FPS on DDS1, using this SVN build: PCSX2 0.9.9.r4891 (modded) - compiled on Aug 30 2011
MTVU helps a bunch even o my slower PC, but some games do not benefit from it, so test accordingly
Great, so with a 3.0 dual, I may get even higher, right?
you SHOULD. I can't say for sure though

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