Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Now this isn't necessary a bug, but with most if not all of the SMT games I played through PCSX2 the game runs 60fps @1080p on OGL HW, but DDS2 for some reason is very slow with no increase in quality over D3D11HW where it does run faster, intended or no? I mean AFAIK DDS 1&2 uses Nocturne engine.

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By "slow",do you mean the fps(going below 60)or the internal speed?
Aye Sub-60 and EE is below 30%, VU and GU are about 1 to 10%-ish. Ofcourse you can blame my RX480 for the horrible support for OGL, but like I said so far every game I played (Read every SMT) worked flawlessly on OGLHW with ease Smile
Did you tried changing the crc level to DX mode while using OGL
Well I should say that I haven't touched any setting besides turning on MTVU. Most games run flawlessly with default settings Smile But no I haven't, but also I don't really notice any real difference in picture quality though between D3D11HW/OGLHW.

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