Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne (Crash)
Hi guys.

I've read in several threads that SMT Nocturne is fully playable from start to end etc... However, when I go to the underground shops in Shibuya and try to use the terminal to save the game I got this :
vtlb miss : addr 0x3D694D00, mode 0
And then, obviously, the emulator crashed.

Any tips? (other than - Do not save there. r_r)

Thanks Smile

Edit - Oh yeah this is on the Pcsx2 snapshot 612 build... With SSE3 GDSX 890 with the usual settings and int res at 1024x1024.

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Turn off MTGS and any speed hacks.
used shibuya terminal a few times, works fine with r612 (MTGS on).
did it crash more then once at the same place?
Yeah it NEVER works there. For some reason.

I'm using 2x Cycle Rate ... and the experimental speed-hack Wacko
Turn those off, then, and try again.
Well haven't people reported that it works correctly with those options on?
yes, i did play it with this options.
try without them anyway. Hacks are not supported, you have to be sure they are not causing this crash.
For me it was working the game since rev 530 ( and i was updating every single time ( Compiling myself or using the ones posted here on the forum )

The game only crashed 2 times ( 1 right when entering Yogi park at start , and in the end before floor 666 ) and both were random crashes

Some people advice to turn MGTS off , but losing too much FPS and playing through the entire game 2 times , i can say it does work nicely with MTGS on , SSE2 Gsdx and under 2880x1800 "internal res ), Dx10 on vista 64 ( 90% running at 60FPS , except on a few battles ) - no speed hacks at all

Beside might be the ssse3 plugin , try with the sse2
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Alright, I'll try all of the given suggestions.

Thanks guys. Smile

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