Shin Megami Tensei : Nocturne / Lucifer's call, PCSX2 v1.4, afterimage issue.
Hi ! I'm gonna start by saying that i'm not an english native speaker so, keep that in mind !
So, my problem is as follow :
Any version of software mode used works just fine with the game Shin Megami Tensei : Lucifer's Call (It's Nocturne but the Pal ver), but.. It's just hard to watch at so many pixels, when the game is as great as this one... So, obviously, I turned on the hardware version of DX11, then 9, then everything with hardware sticked on it.. and the result is the same :
Each time I activate the hardware version, it's like a print screem was taken of my game, and then, I can move and play, but the image of the screen stays there, is transparence... Gonna try to show you :

Image number 1 : Software mode

[Image: NFA2ZDU.png]

Image number 2 : Hardware mode activated, but did not move :

[Image: 6vRdKdc.png]

Then, the final one, when I moved : 
[Image: fWmrbCT.png]

As you can see, Everything runs perfectly in software mode, just, not nice to look at, then as sonn as the hardware hits, a bar appareared on top of the screen, and as soon as I moved, it was clear something was off...

And the image never goes away... kind of... If I enter a fight, the image disapears while the fight is on, then comes back again... etc...

Would you have any kind of fix ? =)

Ps : Also, I tried to stay at native resolution, activate and deactivate everything... nothing makes the image go away so far...

Edit in case of answers :

Nvidia GTX 980
intel 4790k 4Ghz

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Fix in dev build with openGL renderer

Well, at least the top bar and the shadow. But I guess it would fix the full image too.
omg you're right ! The deb build absolutly solved it... Must be pretty lucky ! Thanks ! ^^
Yes you're very lucky. It was quite a complex issue to solve. But now you can enjoy your game with high quality Smile

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