Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4
okay before i posted this thread i was searching and searching and searching for a cheat like all quest items for persona 4 and i already stumbled all of it here in the forums but none of it seems to work.... so can anyone please help me ??? get a pnach cheat for all quest items in persona 4

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Depends your version Smile They need the CRC and the SLUS/SLES code of the game Smile
well its a SLUS 21782 and NTSC(U)
and the CRC?!? Smile Probably it's this one Smile DEDC3B71
bring us what brand of code and cheat code.
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Not 100% sure if the All Item cheat gives also the quest items, but you can give it a try!!

yeah the CRC is DEDC3B71 and is there also for cheat for max because i accidentally skipped emperor link because i was to focus on the other
That file has all the cheats I wanted to have, if you don't want to use one of them, just put // in front of the cheat Smile
StriFe79 do you have a day repeater cheat for this game also?
Nope sorry

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