Shining Force EXA screen cut off (screenshot incluided)
Title says it all. The screen is partially cut off on shining force exa. I have tried fiddling with the resolution and settings for a long time, to no avail. My specs:

Windows 7
Intel i5 760 2.8ghz
Gtx 460 768mb
8gb ddr3

emu: pcxs2 1.0
video: gsdx 0.1.16
pad: Lilypad svn 0.11.0
sound: SPU2-0x 2.0.0


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Have you tried using a widescreen patch... here's the link.
I had the same problem, this fixed it.
An eternity of midnights...
Having a custom upscale resolution in GSdx can cause this. Try native first, then x2 scaling. See how that goes.

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