Shinobi is working on pcsx2 :)
Shinobi is working on pcsx2 Smile

Raised together within the Oboro Clan, Hotsuma and Moritsune were seldom apart during their youth. Being the younger of the two, Hotsuma looked up to Moritsune, and considered his older brother to be a superior warrior. Eventually, the Oboro Clan commandment was revealed to the two boys after they discovered Akujiki, the evil soul-stealing sword that would be used in the ritual to decide the clan's leader. The commandment deems that the next clan leader must be determined by a duel to the death between the eldest clan heirs—in this case, Moritsune and Hotsuma. Aware of their destiny, the brothers trained incessantly, instructed by their foster parent, Kobushi.

Tested on
Processor: Core™2 Duo E6550 3.2 GHz(Overclocked)
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 210 1GB DDR3 PCIE(Overclocked)
Memory: 4.00GB Ram DDR2 Kingston/Patriot
Motherboard: Biostar G31-M7 TE Ver.771998
Sound Hardware: Realtek ALC662 6-Channel HD Audio
Power Supply: Enermax Modu87 600watts
Optical Drive: Lite-On IHAS124-04/LG GSA-H55L
Hard Drive: 1 TB Internal Hitachi/Samsung
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit

Other Capable System Requirement
Processor:Core™2 Duo 2.0GHz 3.1 GHZ or AMD 64 X2 4400+AMD Quad-core Phenom X4 9600 Phenom X6 I3 I5 I7 Extreme Edition Xeon or Higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM or Higher
Graphics Card: 2006 or later NVIDIA GeForce 7800/7900/ GeForce 8600 9500GT ATI Radeon HD 2600/3600 or 1800/X1900 NVIDIA GeForce 2xx Series GeForce 210 GTX 260 ATi Radeon HD 4850 ATi Radeon HD 3850 512 MB GeForce GT 320 GTX 460 NVIDIA GeForce 520 560 570 GTX or Higher
Operating System: Windows XP Windows Vista or Windows 7

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