I recently started using PCSX2 because I really wanted to play Shinobido, Way of the Ninja

But I cant seem to get it running without problems..

First of all the sound is very laggy.. Which is very annoying..
The framerate drops during playing from 60fps to 20/30 fps which makes it slow motion..

Im using the following plugins:

ZZ Ogl 0.21.213 (gives error failed to unpack during gameplay)
ZeroSPU2 Playground (tried unchecking some options but doesnt work..)

I tried a couple different settings.. but it mostly makes it worse..or changes one thing and makes other things worse..
Im using a Europe V02.00 bios (my own)

Can somebody please help me?!

(Im using a new iMac with 4 cores and Snow Leopard OSX 10.6.8 so I dont think that is the problem..)

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This is what I recommend to all new users:

update your graphics plugin to zzogl pg 0.1.0 from here:

Follow this vid on how to install the plugin:

Then uncheck all of your sound config options and see if that helps the sound delay. Upgrading to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) will improve the sound delay as well.

As for your slowdown, not much to do to help there, but you can try messing with the frameskipping options to get it to speed up.

If you want better speed and compatibility, the PC version is lightyears ahead of the mac port. Unless you're like me, and don't want to install windows via bootcamp on your mac.
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Thanx I already got that plugin.. I will wait for a newer version than I guess.. I dont want to upgrade to Lion yet.. Smile

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