Shinobido Imashime controller lag
Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3.40GHz 3.80GHz
8:00 GB of ram
windows 7 64bit
graphics is AMD Radeon HD 7800 series (Probably a little before that, they
use the 7800 drivers for them anyways, so i forgot the exact #)

Hey. I am experiencing a strange problem when playing Shinobido Imashime(J) on pcsx2. the controller inputs lag by about a second or more when playing this game. I've tried alot of things, I'll list them. It is such a weird problem to me, I have no idea why it's doing this. It's also worth saying, this exact same problem occurs on the EU one (Shinobido: Way of the Ninja I think it's called). I switched to the japanese one thinking it was a refresh rate problem, since the jp one is ntsc, maybe it would work better on my monitor, but no dice. Here's what I've tried.

-It is not a usb issue of any kind. why not: I can play Tekken 4, Acquires other games (Way of the samurai 1, wots2, and samurai western) all full speed with 0 controller lag. They run great. Also, Shinobido Imashime(and the PAL one) has this exact same input lag using keyboard controls.

-Vsync always off, on just made it a bit worse. It's also switched off on my graphics control program.

-Changed monitors refresh rate to 50hz and 30z just for the hell of it to try it, exact same input lag. Its at 60hz normally.

-Speed hacks on/off/ everything at 1 or 0 as recommended, none of it makes a difference.

-Fullscreen or windowed seems to be the exact same input lag, for what it's worth I run the three other games I mentioned windowed and they run excellent without any issues.

-using 1.2.1 which i think is the latest stable build of pcsx2. my gs plugin is Direct3d11 (hardware), interlacing none, native res, texture filtering is checked with nothing else optional checked.

-use sc drivers for a ps3 controller, i think that's what they were called.

Hope this info helps. Like I said, I'm pretty stumped about this. Has anybody gotten this game to work without any input lag? I know acquires games are not the sharpest as far as controls go but I know it's not this bad. Ive played it on a regular ps2 when my swap magic disc (and my tv) actually worked, but that was long ago. There's no way it's supposed to be like this.

Anyways, I appreciate any help.

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try the development builds from here and also make sure to use the default settings while testing it.
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