Shinobido: Way of The Ninja
Garden bug/freeze: There is a bug that happens when you enter your garden which freezes PCSX2 for some reason.

Solution 1: Go into Emulation settings then turn "Clamping Mode" from whatever it is to "Full"

Bug 2: The game is very unstable and the screen "flickers" and blinks making the game unplayable.

Solution 2: Go into Emulation settings > Speedhacks > Uncheck the box that enables speed hacks.

Strangely, you only need to do this once and the next time you play the speed hacks option/box will be checked. However, it fixes the problem forever.

Note: Bug one was found and solved in the wrong section by the user named "mcv" so that is why I am doing this thread.

Bug report and fix by mcv

My version is from the EU and I just wanted to show support to my favorite game Laugh

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1 - that's farfrom belonging to the bug report section.
2 - as everyone knows, speedhacks cause glitches.
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