Should add these to the banned emails list
most recent spambot signups have been from *[email protected], *[email protected] and *

best to just add these and stop em in the first place Laugh

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From those we've only had 3 spam bots and only one of those from this year, not justifiable to ban them.
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i'll justify you >.<

lucky pcsx2 though, not getting so many spammers >.>

Quote:2-Apr-11 07:57 PM carltonbert [email protected] India
2-Apr-11 07:48 PM kate5julia [email protected] Pakistan
2-Apr-11 07:24 PM wade2mateo [email protected] Pakistan
2-Apr-11 07:09 PM elvin9kale [email protected] Pakistan
2-Apr-11 07:08 PM ryan5jerry [email protected] Pakistan
2-Apr-11 07:08 PM suneki [email protected] India
2-Apr-11 07:07 PM eli4justin [email protected] Pakistan
2-Apr-11 07:07 PM romanmark [email protected] India
24-Mar-11 02:17 PM ryan5jerry [email protected] Pakistan
20-Mar-11 02:01 AM mel7prince [email protected] Pakistan
16-Mar-11 09:20 AM paunkhi [email protected] India
15-Mar-11 05:55 PM taki6brady [email protected] Pakistan
15-Mar-11 05:47 PM markkevin123 [email protected] India
15-Mar-11 05:46 PM colemancol [email protected]

This is what i've had through march till today.
It's called prevention kthx Tongue Don't think we need any email banning, except if it gets really bad
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Tongue2 we've got the SFS plugin installed which prevents alot, but the damn indians and pakistani's seem to like coming to stay >.<
it's an interesting algorithm it has going on too, {name}#{name}"1000" it's not a very clever bot lol
I guess it ensures the name is not taken that way
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yea, it's better than C:\hdfkjahlksdhf\.jskfakj.exe programs lol

and you would think that it would use random numbers, and not just 1000 all the time. harder to figure out that way

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