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Show your controller input while playing
Hi everyone !

I just finished to make a program that shows the inputs you make. For example, you could use it on a stream with OBS or directly put it over PCSX2 and record the screen directly.

How to use :
  • Connect your controller on your computer.
  • Launch the program.
  • Select your controller.
  • Press Escape if you have a Xbox360 controller (emulated or not), then choose Properties, Type of controller and finally select Xbox360 Controller, press Escape again to hide the menu.
  • If you want to change the background color or the color the keys are when they are pressed, click on Colors in the menu and choose the colors.
I hope you enjoy it Smile

If you have any questions or issues with this program, you can tell me here or via PM.

Thanks a lot !

Here's some screenshots !

No button pressed

Some buttons pressed


Kingdom Hearts YAY !

Known bugs:
  • Bad support for L2 and R2 for Xbox360 controller
  • The application may freeze when changing controller
  • The configurations may not be kept between versions
Changelog :
  • 0.1.2  : 
    - The window can be transparent and at top of every windows
    - Scroll to resize the window
    - Press Q to quit the application
    - You can change the window height and width from the settings
    - The controller window keeps its position after relaunching the application
  • 0.1.1 : 
    - You can doubleclic to select the controller
    - L2 and R2 works for Xbox360 controller (kinda :/)
Downloads :

.exe   HowIsMyPS2Controller-0.1.2.exe (Size: 2,59 MB / Downloads: 32)

.exe   HowIsMyPS2Controller-0.1.1.exe (Size: 2,59 MB / Downloads: 19)

.exe   HowIsMyPS2Controller-0.1.0.exe (Size: 2,59 MB / Downloads: 17)

Virustotal :
Version 0.1.2
Version 0.1.1
Version 0.1.0

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I made a stream using OBS with this program.

Here are some screenshots of the configuration for OBS.
That's pretty cool!
Hey,  I'm writing yet another PCSX2 frontend. Source code is being hosted at GitHub.
The version 0.1.2 is now available !

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