Showdown:Legends Of Wrestling on PCSX2
When I tried to play Showdown Legends Of Wrestling on PCSX2(0.9.6:0.9.5:r1888),when the entrances begin,the camera moves from the crowd to the ring,and when it gets to the ring,PCSX2 says:A problem has occured,if youre in a middle of something.........(i dont remember how it was)and on the bottom it says Close.And when I click it,PCSX2 closes.So what is the problem.If someone can help me.Please HELP me,i wanted to play that game for 2 years,and when I got it,this happend.My specs are:
2Ghz,1.7GB RAM,Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU T3200,Pixel Shader 3,MMX,SSE,SSE2,SSE3,SSSE3.I've been able to play every other WWE game almost perfect(svr 2010 is a bit slow but VERY playeble).
CPU Specs:
Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU T3200

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