Shrek 2 Help
So I am attempting to play Shrek 2 on the emulator. Everything works fine except I just cannot get more than 1 player into the game. I have sucessfully connected 3 controllers (2 dualshock 3, 1 sixaxis) using motion joy and all the buttons are binded in lilypad. By switching the binds I have confirmed all 3 controllers are functioning. I have attempted to 'unplug' the controllers and 're-plug' the controllers via lilypad both while the emulator was in the background and when it was in that 'paused' state to see if that would allow me to play with more than 1 player. Nothing works.

I'm stumped, any help would be appreciated.

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There's no need to unplug anything. You need configure the other controllers in PAD2 for multiplayer.
Player 2 takes control of the PAD2 Controller.

If you want 3 controllers then please tick 'Port 1 MultiTap' and configure PAD1A, PAD1B and PAD1C with different controllers. Tongue2

If not working, then show the configuration of your Lilypad.
Yep did that. Anything else?

Edit: ah right configuration of lilypad... um okay I'll try and get that (screenshot of the screens?).

Edit2: Damnit! You had to tick a box on the plugin settings AND on the config drop down list. Completely missed that.

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