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Silent Hill 2 Control Issues- Cannot Access Inventory/ Self-Heal
I am trying to play the Silent Hill 2- NTSC-U ROM, and everything is running perfectly, except for one thing. For some reason, even though the game has an inventory system, which is supposed to be accessed by either pressing Start or Up on the D-Pad, I am unable to access the inventory at all.

I am using a DualShock 4 controller, and have set the SH2 control scheme to 2-D movement. The D-Pad, instead of Up= Inventory and Right= Quick Heal, is just changing the direction the character faces.

I have looked at the controller settings in PCSX2 and I see that Start (or Options on DualShock 4) is set to be the equivalent of Escape on the keyboard. So, when I press Start/ Options, instead of opening the in-game inventory, my game closes immediately.

I have literally tried pressing every single button on my keyboard to try to determine which key controls inventory access, then simply figure out which DS4 button corresponds to the keyboard key, but not a single key opens the menu.

I also tried using a DualShock 3, but for whatever reason, it will not even turn on when connected to my PC via the USB cable. I tried downloading the libusb drivers so the DualShock 3 Native Mode option would no longer be grayed out under PCSX2's controller settings, but apparently since I am running Windows 10, I am unable to install them because when it tried to install I got an error message saying that I was unable to accept/install unsigned drivers. I did some research into turning off the signature requirement for drivers, but that is a very involved process, so if I can get by with using the DS4 instead, and just get the inventory and self-heal buttons working properly, that would be best.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I was able to get it working properly after a bit of trial and error.

When I started looking at the keybindings under "Pad 1" I noticed that, for example, when I tried to map the "Square" button, instead of changing the existing value for "Square" it added a whole new entry for "Square" beneath the existing list of keybindings.

So, I used the "Clear All" button in "Pad 1" settings to remove all existing keybindings, so I was starting with a completely blank page. Then I mapped each individual button on my DualShock 4, hit "Apply" and "Okay" and rebooted my game. Voila! Working like a charm now. I am able to access my inventory for the first time AND my quick-heal/ D-pad buttons are working perfectly.

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