Silent Hill 2 - FMV Glitch
Alright, so the other bug (Screen cut in half in GSDX 2000+ series) was a known issue already. But I'm still dealing with the FMV glitch. This bug only occurs during FMVs. I know it has to do with the D3D Internal Res of PCSX2, but when I change it to Native, it shows up normal, but still too far to the bottom. It just isn't centered like it should be. And when the Native Res is off, you'll get what is in this video:

720p Link:
Silent Hill 2 - FMV Bug

My questions:
1. How to resolve the garbled FMV when the D3D Internal Res is changed to something other than Native?
2. How to make sure the FMV is actually centered in the screen, and not more to the bottom?

Both issues can be found in the video.

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I doubt you can solve any of those problems easily without messing with the code and even then it may not be solvable easy at all. Maybe try a much older GSdx or another plugin like ZZogl or ZeroGS.

I haven't played SH2 in a few years but is it just me or Angela's voice sound just wrong there? Oo
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NO, her voice is ok
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Tried setting GSdx to software renderer? Maybe that will fix it. As Shadow Lady said most probably you won't be able to fix the extra glitches that appear if you use any custom resolution other than native, it's expected actually to cause extra bugs.
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Haven't tried SW yet, will give that a try. And yeah I tried setting the Internal Res to Native too, but as mentioned, the FMV appears like.... on the bottom of the screen then, rather than in the middle, so it looks cut off. You can see this in the video too, note the difference between the black bars.

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