Silent Hill 2 Pressure sensitive buttons
Hey guys. If you played Silent Hill 2 before, you know that you can perform either a strong or a fast attack with almost all the melee weapons. However, with this emulator using the LilyPad 0.11.0 settings with a Logitech Rumble gamepad F510, it seems like I am stuck using only the strong attacks. While this would have been helpful once I unlock the chainsaw (Cool), there are times when a quick attack would be better.

I know there is a "sensitivity" option in the gamepad settings, but after fiddling around with it, it seems like the game will either read all fast attacks or all strong. It defaults at 1.0 sensitivity. Going below .35 will give me fast attacks but only that, and anything higher is strictly strong attacks regardless of how quickly you press the button. Any ideas?

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First your controller needs to support pressure sensitivity.
Second the normal lilypad doesn't provide pressure sensitivity for other inputs than the analog sticks.
There is a hacked version of lilypad floating around (made by the motionjoy group) that allows pressure sensitive buttons. Unfortunately there is no support in this forum for that hacked version and I am as well not sure if it really works (at least they claim it works).

So not much luck for you.
Oh man that's not good! I know this controller definitely supports pressure changes since I was able to use it for MGS3, which has all kinds of pressure sensitive controls. Then again, it was on an older PC but still using the same pad.
I'll just add onto what Willkuer mentioned. SPC Server also has a modified version of Lilypad with an Xinput.dll file that will allow pressure sensitivity. If your Logitech Rumble Gamepad is an xinput gamepad, you can try and use the xinput.dll and lilypad provided by SCP Server, I think it would work (But am most unsure).

If you want to test it, you can download scp server here (

Follow this post as to how to get it to work, post 964.

Good luck, but remember, it probably won't work.
Is it possible remap the light/strong press of a button to another key in PCSX2? The preferred functionality in this case would be a double-tap or hold (less preferred due to delay) of the same button.

I don't have a gamepad with pressure-sensitive buttons and for now it seems that I have to play Silent Hill 2 and 3 without one attack.
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