Silent Hill 2 - What Speed Hacks doesn't affect the game?
As topic says.

Did a previous Topic and found that the PS2 version of Silent Hill 2 is what i want to play.

Now, i don't get full FPS, and maybe i can't, but i want to make the best out of the situation.

My system is quite capable so hopefully not too much of a bottleneck.

i5 760 4ghz, R9 380.

I am playing with GSDX DX11 HW, 5x internal resolution.

It might be a hard question as it's probably a bit hard to detect speed hacks issues, at least if they only affect some areas.

I am reluctant to Downclock EE which is in the Balanced Profile, mostly cause i hesitate to believe that Silent Hill 2 only used less than 66% of the PS2 CPU, may be wrong though.

As for the other tweaks, i have tried them enabled except for the MicroVU thingy as it says it can affect Graphics?

So anyone know anything i am all ear.

Just a notice, i would like No Spoilers of the Game, so if you know some issues in certain parts, don't say details please, be discreetTongue


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