Silent Hill 3 suddenly slow

I've always had excellent luck using PCSX2 for years and even played through FFX and XII front-to-back and it's always been a nearly seamless experience. I started playing Silent Hill 3, found a successful configuration to get the FMVs to display (since I'm aware it needs the hack to switch to GSDX software renderer to see 'em), and got ~100% speed at 3x Native resolution, and have progressed about two and a half hours in.

I took a break for a bit, and didn't touch the emulator for a month or two, and all I can recall is there has been a Windows Update since.

Now, for some reason the intro FMV will plateau at about 70-80% speed, and the in-game cutscenes do about the same, but the gameplay seems unaffected. I've messed around with some settings again to no avail, and then ultimately reverted it. Even using OpenGL software in Native mode performs exactly the same.

Some things I checked: In Task Manager PCSX2 only seems to be using ~30% of my CPU during gameplay, in HW Monitor my temperatures on everything are sitting around 72 C/160 F, they've never exceeded 78 C/172 F. My power settings are on 'Best performance', I ran PCSX2 as administrator, in Windows 10's 'Graphic Settings' I have PCSX2's exe assigned to 'High performance GPU'. My emulation settings are all on their defaults, no other hacks in use.

TL;DR - My game was working perfectly and after taking a break and not touching a thing, it's now slow sometimes and I can't find out why.

I've shared my specs on my profile. 

My PCSX2 is: 1.6.0-20200506140834- compiled on May 6 2020

My GSdx looks like this (20200506140834 (MSVC 19.25 AVX2/AVX2) 1.2.0 [GSdx32-AVX2]: 

Quote:OpenGL (Hardware)
Interlacing: Automatic (Default)
Allow 8-bit textures (unchecked)
Large framebuffer (unchecked)
Internal resolution: 3x Native (~1080p)
Anistropic Filtering: Off (Default)
Mipmapping (Ins): Automatic (Default)
CRC Hack Level: Automatic (Default)
DATE accuracy: Fast (Default)
Blending Accuracy: High
Enable HW Hacks (unchecked)
All OpenGL settings are Automatic (Default)

Shader Configuration has only Texture Filtering of Display and FXAA Shader enabled.

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