Silent Hill 4 loading issue
I have spent hours trying to fix this problem and can't find a single instance of this happening to anyone on the net.
At the hospital world after you snag Eileen and open the gate behind the elevator and walk down the stairs and kill the 3 patients there is a door with writing next to it. Every time I go through it, it's a loading screen that never loads. I have never once had an issue with any game with this emulator until now.
pcsx2 1.0.0 is what I'm using and my computer is a gaming rig, it can handle anything I've thrown at it.
I have tried newer revisions and older ones with the same problem.
If anyone knows what is causing this it would save me a great deal of aggravation and I would appreciate it.

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Any errors on the console? I'd suggest creating the ISO again from your dvd disc using imgburn
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Unfortunately I can't. I created the ISO while I was finishing up college and never got around to playing it. I just moved and lost a lot of my ps2 games or misplaced them somewhere. I would download it somewhere but I have a crappy 20 Gb per month limit which is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too easy to go over. Also, I'm afraid that if I re buy the game the same problem would happen again.
Well I've finished the game using PCSX2 so I can tell you myself it works from start to finish. We do not support piracy here and you will not get help if you obtain an illegal copy of the game...maybe you could borrow someone else's disc, try go get passed the freezing point and continue with your ISO...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I would hardly consider it piracy when I already paid for the bloody thing. Anyways, I don't know people, so I can't borrow it. I tried to find a save that I could download that is past that point and can't find any. I think I'm screwed and the only option is to try to find it used somewhere because it's $100 new. But thanks for trying to help anyways.
Quote:I would hardly consider it piracy when I already paid for the bloody thing.
you wouldn't, but we would since UK law would too...
Just forget about doing this, and focus on trying to find an actual working ps2 dvd.
I think amazon may still sell it really less than 50$
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I'm actually bidding on a copy on ebay right now. But buying the game twice sucks. Konami has made a small fortune off of me already.

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