Silent Hill Origins/ Best Configuration
Hi all.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the PCSX2, v0.9.6. I read the tutorial/ manual, and configured it to what I thought was best.

But, I can't get Silent Hill: Origins to run. When I try to launch it, it just freezes at the Loading screen. From some searching I've done on the 'Net, I think this may be a tough game to get to run on the emulator. And I think I came across in another post about a "patch" for it, but I'm not exactly sure how to "install" these patches.

So how about I give my system specs here, and could somebody please tell me what the best Config is (and any "tweaks" you might know of to get Origins up & running smoothly):

Windows XP Pro, SP3
Intel Core2 Quad, Q9450
Corsair 4GB RAM, 1333Mhz
nVidia GeForce 9800 GX2

I've played all the other Silent Hill games in the series, and I've got the Origins disc from a buddy who has a PS2 and I'd like to play it on my computer.


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hi, which serial number has the game? if its "SLUS 21731" then its not playable. to install a patch copy the patch into patch folder and activate patches in menu.
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Hi; thanks for the reply.

I checked, and yes, it's serial number "SLUS 217.31".

So this particular serial number makes it not playable using the emulator? How'd you find this piece of info out? :-)

And even if were to activate the patch I found......this would still do no good because of the serial number you mentioned?

Thanks for any more info.
The patch would make it pass that loading screen, but you won't have any sound.
Also the game will be kinda bugged everywhere. I recommend you wait until we fix it properly Tongue2
here is the compatibility list click
[Image: 21cvw55.jpg]

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