Silent Hill Origins: New patch and guide
Hi everyone. I purchased another ps2 recently and got some games as well. And one of these games is Silent Hill origins. As we know this game suffers from some really silly bugs (we are still hoping for some fixes). Refraction helped me to make a patch long time ago to make it somewhat playable.

Today I tried this game again and it simple refused to work with newest pcsx2. So I tried a few things and came up with a new patch that should make it playable on current pcsx2.

Game works fine with current Gsdx in software mode (You can try this if you got a beast pc) but it misses lots of stuff in hardware mode (I think I know what's wrong with this and will try to fix it as soon as I install VS).

Therefore I am attaching old versions of gsdx9 and gsdx10. Except from some minor shadow problems these versions seem to work best.

Also I am attaching a memory card save at the first save point (for all those who want to skip the initial useless intro).

Please remember that sounds still don't work and this patch is only for SLUS_217.31 .

I can try to make a patch for other versions too. Feel free to send your elf file to [email protected] Smile

Please report your experience/bugs in this thread.


Edit: Added another gsdx version, try it too.

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.rar   silenthillorigins.rar (Size: 515,88 KB / Downloads: 3.069)
.zip (Size: 582,86 KB / Downloads: 2.487)

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Thanks, I'll try your patch later. I played the game a long time ago in my Ps2 xDDD. My wife help me out with the last puzzle xDDD. Anyway, thanks again Smile
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Nice I noticed it wasnt working anymore too, but hey it has sound in cutscenes now! last time I tried it on an older PCSX2 it didnt have sound even then this is great Tongue

Too bad software mode can be so slow sometimes.
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As for me, it worked well with hardware mode too (dx10), and very fast too. Constant 50fps (100%) , I have PAL game. This patch is great, finally I can actually start the game, and with the attached gsdx plugin, it looks best with no glitches (expect character shadow which is a black square) but there's no sound only in cutscenes and main menu. But I still say it's a pretty good work and a big step forward in making this game playable! Thank you prafull.
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You also miss some effects with hardware and some scenes look bright when they should look dark (they do with software).
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Guys, can any of you specify the exact plugins you use? I've got the SLUS_217.31 version and It freezes at loading screen, I've tried different plugins with 0.9.6 and the new -beta 1888, no luck. Also, prafull your save doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
Check the very first post again... he attached the plugin versions he found to work best to it.
You think I didn't? I tried lots of them, including these. Nothing really helps. Im thinking maybe there's something wrong with the disk-image. And when I asked to specify the ones you use, I meant all the rest plugins, for sound and dvddrive and bios perhaps...
Problem solved, I forgot to enable patches lol ) I thought they were already on... Too bad there's no ingame sound, kills half of the game experience..Hopefully somebody will come up with an idea how to get it back on..Id be glad to help, but I don't understand much in coding..maybe if someone had enlightened me...

ANyways, thanks a lot guys for this patch, at least we can play now. And maybe it's lame but to get a feeling that it's really silent hill, just play the soundtrack separately in winamp when playing the game. Better than nothing.
I would like to ask what is progress on this game, is it fully playable now?? With sound? Since Silent hill without sound is kinda .. you know Tongue2
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