Silent Hill: Origins help
Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I basically just joined for some help with this game......

I have been having problems with playing Silent Hill: Origins on PCSX2 - the game has no sound at all and freezes everytime I get to a certain point

I know there is already a patch (I have done a lot of searching for fixes/patches), which I have tried using, but like many others I can only play the game with no sound, and the game also freezes at certain points and it isn't possible to continue at all.

I just really wanna play this game but my PS2 is broken... I know I have a good enough computer (I've played all the way through SH 2, 3, and The Room on PCSX2 w/o issues)

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Silent Hill without sound just isn't Silent Hill......

What are the chances we see an update (graphics/sound plugin or whatever else that could fix this) that might resolve this issue?

An update of any kind at all would be helpful.

Even if no one has any information for SH: Origins specifically, are there any rumors or anything of any updated gfx/sound plugins coming out soon? Maybe if there are they would fix the issue?

Seems wierd that the game was released a year and a half ago and it's still not playable.....?


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Well the no sound patch is what makes it even be able to load up to menus so nope there's nothing you can do about it right now I think. It's probable the places it hangs on need the sound to be working also, I'd try changing the sound plugin but doubt that'll work much.

Some games may not work at all for the time being so this game going in game without sound is actually better than others, if you want to play it that much buy another PS2 they're cheap nowadays.

Edit: Oh also you forgot to copy/paste the "Seems wierd that the game was released a year and a half ago and it's still not playable.....?" part.
Edit2: oh nevermind just saw it xD
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Alright well thanks for the info

Lol so I guess you saw my posts on the other forum then?

Yeah I tried all the sound plugins and even the one from the most recent beta release but none of those helped..... still crashes with whatever version of the patch I try (the ones posted in the thread on the other forum) either at the burning building or before the main menu screen

I guess I'll try to 'borrow' one of my friends' PS2s for now but hopefully there will be some sort of fix in the future - I love the sharper graphics you get from PCSX2 especially for Silent Hill games where you gotta be able to see everything
This isn't working yet and there doesn't seem to be any easy fix for it
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Hopefully we'll have better luck with Shattered Memories coming out next month Smile
Shattered got delayed to December, I think
yeah I heard something about that today too.... said something like "Late november to early december"

Gamefly says Wii version is out 11/26 but the PS2/PSP won't be until 12/31.....? I really hope they are wrong
Gamestop says 12/8 for all versions and that would be a much better date but still a month late (nice rhyme Smile )

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