Simple 2000 vol.114 black screen/regression
The Jookappichi Torimonochou - Oharuchan GoGoGo! (SLPS-20489)

@ggxxtonghao was able to go in-game and even create a widescreen patch for this game at one point (see link below), but every build and combination of settings I've tried results in a black screen after the company logo. If anyone's ever been able to get this game running please let me know

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It's possible. I played this a few months ago and I still can load my save states to get in game. Currently fumbling around with the settings to see what works.
Ok... So it's completely based on luck. Don't make any changes to your setup. Put the emulator on turbo and with your left hand mash start on your controller to skip the D3 logo and with your right hand on the mouse to Boot ISO(fast) when it fails several times.

Do this about 100 times and one of them will let you past the freeze, to see the tamsoft logo, and then to see the start screen. There aren't anymore times in the game that it freezes like this as far as I remember. Make a save state past the start screen and you're golden.
Took about 20 tries but this actually worked, you're awesome
If you use EE cycle rate -3 and enable INTC spin detection the game will load everytime.

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