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Simple PCSX2 Updater
Its main purpose is to update the portable version to the latest one but it can work with the installer version too(the result will be the same...pcsx2 will be updated to the latest beta version and the version currently used will still work the same way(in portable or installer mode)but you may need to run the updater as admin if pcsx2 is in a folder that requires admin privileges)

Keep in mind that(as most of us know),older save states may stop working while updating pcsx2 so it's best to save your progress to the memory card

How it works
1.Extract the archive into the pcsx2 directory(where pcsx2.exe is)
2.Run the program

If you are running the latest version,the updater will tell you and if not,a window will appear telling you that you are not running the latest version and show some info taken from the buildbot page(version,date,author and info about the update)

If pcsx2 is running while trying to update(if you don't have the latest version),it will ask you to close it to finis the updating process.

And about the result from virustotal,that's false positive

PS.The Updater requires 7zip so I added it into the archive(place the updater and the Tools folder into the pcsx2 directory)
The updater will work as long as there is no design changes to the buildbot page

Attached Files
.zip   PCSX2 (Size: 796,7 KB / Downloads: 70)

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I had to jump through some hoops with Microsoft Defender/Edge to get it to download, but once I got past that it works like a charm. I've always wished for a more streamlined way to update PCSX2, but I lack the coding skills to do it myself. This fits the bill perfectly. Thanks vsub!
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