Simple autoprofile wrapper [Windows/BAT]
Hello girls/guys,
this is a simple batch script for windows that uses the iso name to make a custom profile and uses it in the future. I needed something like that so that i can easily use custom profiles with the advanced launcher for xbmc.

It needs the following:
portable pcsx2
a iso/mdf/whateveryoulike

What it does:
It uses the first command line argument to determine the profile name, creates "profiles\FILENAME_inis" and copies the current configuration into it.
After that it will tell pcsx2 to use "profiles\FILENAME_inis"

How to use:
Download the attachment to your pcsx2 folder and rename it to pcsx2_profile_wrapper.bat instead of txt.
Make sure that your pcsx2 exe is named pcsx2.exe or change it accordingly in the script.
Start pcsx2 normally and optimize it for your game.
Close pcsx2
Drag and drop the iso onto the bat file.
It will now use a copy of your current configuration instead of the default.
Every time you want to use this config, just drag and drop the iso again on the script.

This script will not overwrite a already written config.
The iso must be the first argument or it will not work.
It will pass every single argument you give it to pcsx2.exe, but remember that the iso must be first.
It will do nothing without command line arguments.
It should be possible to rewrite this for a non-portable install.
Per profile memcards are possible too, but it would require a little bit more code.
The name of the script doesn't matter, it should just have ".bat" as extension.

Perhaps someone finds it useful, since it really is just a little script with a few lines of googlefu. If there a questions, just ask i will probably be able to answer them.


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